Friday, October 14, 2016

Pokemon Coins

Posted by Sharath
Pokémon GO is now everywhere - but this comic series was introduced late in 90's and it was huge hit then. In the video game version used to collect the coins - but do you know in real currency as well there are Pokemon Coins in circulation that time. Read out the full story here. 

These currency was official in the country 'Niue' an island country in Australia continent. 
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Here they introduced these 5 difference characters of Pokemon and those were huge hit. These were made up of nickel and copper and minted late in 2000's. No idea whether these are now in circulation or not but the coin collection hobby people might have collected these unique coins. Of course Pokemon lovers would have these by now. Lets have a look at below coin images. These images have been taken from the google images and other blogs. If anyone has any issues to publish here please let us know we will remove them as soon as possible. Coins images courtesy

1. Bulbasaur 

2. Charmander 


3. Meowth


4. Pikachu


5. Squirtle


6. Mewtwo


In addition - this Niue country is one of the late countries in world's time where it is following UTC -11. If you want to check out the how much time difference - you can check here. Alofi is capital city of Niue. 


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