Saturday, November 26, 2016

Batch Processing Of Multiple Images At A Time

Posted by Sharath
Did you ever come across a situation where you need to do a similar task for many pictures at a time ? i.e. Batch processing - here is one simple solution for such scenarios. 


For example if you have multiple (say 10s-100s of pics to process ) with some common requirements such as 'Resize, pixel decreasing, applying border, applying copyright logos/background texts or some color adjustings etc.. all this can be done in one click - i.e. using Photoscape Batch Processing. 


Process is very simple - 
  • Select the pictures which you want to do process
  • Drag into the panel 
  • select the common features like - Resize, Apply Border, Color Settings..etc. 
  • Click on 'Convert All'

Other features of this Photoscape are : 
  • Mini Photoshop tools 
  • Collage Creation
  • Combine Multiple Pictures
  • GIF Creation 
  • Many more.. 

Above images are here used for just for illustration purpose only if any one has any issues let us know - we will remove. 

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