Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bye Bye Command Prompt - Hi Hi to PowerShell - Windows10

Posted by Sharath
How many you don't know about Command Prompt ? It's very tough to answer right - most of the people who has some basic knowledge about Computers know about the Command Prompt i.e. CMD. 

Windows planning to retire this 'Command Prompt' Shell in their latest windows updates and some of the versions already its not appearing (you might get that back by referring to Microsoft Official website) 

They are replacing this with Power Shell - its not a new feature (in fact it was introduced in November 2006) in Windows but since there was well known Command Prompt -hence Power shell was not in limelight . Hence in order to support more on this power shell they have come up with discontinuing the Command Prompt. 

How to open PowerShell 

  • You can open via Run Command - 'PowerShell' : Enter 
  • From Windows start menu also type 'Windows PowerShell


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