Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Interesting Facts About Languages

Posted by Sharath
Do you know these amazing and interesting facts about world languages. Lets read, if you like please share it. 


  • Hindi language doesn't have any articles (like we have 'the' and 'a' in English).
  • A mirror image of any letter of Hindi language doesn't give you another letter.
  • Telugu is the only language in the Eastern world, that has every single word ending with a vowel sound. 
  • There are false friends among various languages - False Friends means the same word will be having a different meaning in their language. 

Some examples like:

English vs Spanish
Library = where you borrow  a book (biblioteca)
Librería = book store (you never borrow books in a librería)

To be embarrassed = ashamed 
Estar embarazada = pregnant

Actually = what it really is
Actualmente = presently, currently 

That's Sensible = logical smart
Ser Sensible = to be sensitive, emotional, in touch with feelings

Groceries = what you buy to eat
Groserías = insults, profanity 


Farmer: English: (noun) a person who farms. 
Hungarian: (noun) denim, jeans.

Mister: English: (title) form of courteous address for a man. 
Italian: (noun, countable) football manager

Sale in Italian means Salt. 

You know this amazing fact about English 

It is not the official language of England. It isn't the language of the motto of the British Crown either, which is French: "[Mon] Dieu et mon Droit"....("God and my Right"). For more read this post


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