Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Instagram Introduces Save For Later Button

Posted by Sharath
The very often problem for Insta lovers, is they cannot save or keep a copy of their Favorite picture. Either they have to love it and later they can see what they have loved from a long list of 'Loves' or one have to take a screenshot! 


In the above image the right below corner the highlighted in the red box is the new button to save for later. This image used here just for illustration purpose nothing else. If anyone has any issues please send an email will remove later. 

Now Instagram introduced a save option in the bottom right corner of any image so that one can save the images or videos for later view. Note - the saved photos are private to you and no one else can see. And recently Instagram discontinued the support of 'Location Map' under your profile (Read this post for more details). The below image displays where you can see the 'Save For Later' images. Please follow me on my Instagram 

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