Friday, December 16, 2016

Interesting Websites - Kill Your Boredom - 2

Posted by Sharath
Are you feeling bore? Visit these websites for killing some time and learn some information or learn something new or find something interesting one. More to come.. Please keep visiting. 

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4. Patatap 


For each and every key it will give some different voice so if you keep on pressing multiple keys it will generate a different tune. So try out the fun - there are iOs and Android apps for the same -  For some upcoming musicians you will get some better ideas. 

For better experience you should keep headset on. Click on the below link to launch this site. 

5. Do Not Go On 

Absolutely time pass in fact time waste game, I mean it why I said it because this never ending website will make you to click unnecessarily where it will not lead to any end - it will continue as long as you have enough strength to 'Don't click me'. Funny isn't it - Do you want to dare their challenge - visit this below website 

Will Keep Add the other interesting websites - keep visiting us.

6. Live Internet Stats

live internet stats

Do you ever imagine how 1 second will change the statistics of major internet applications such as how many users using a particular famour internet application such as facebook, email, instagram, twitter, skype etc.. then visit this site to witness how 1 second will change their account stats. (Accuaracy may not be there but this is one of the genuine resourses and as well they have licensing feature as well to show up those statistics on your website on request so I believe its not accurate (100%) but genuine so just for fun and informative purpose only. 

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