Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

Posted by Sharath
Have you ever wanted to create a word cloud i.e. that group of words randomly arranged and gives a different and prominent appearance and gets attention among many viewers. Here is one of the ways to create your own word clouds. 

This Wordle website came up with this DIY kind of website - where you can create your own word cloud and you can free to publish as you wish. Its completely free but if you wish to donate them you can donate. They deserve it. 

Steps to create: 

  • Your browser should be enabled with Java Browser Plug-in. This thing you can check with the below website : https://www.java.com/verify/ 
  • Get ready with a list of words (more than 25 but not necessarily) - this may contain repeated words as well (but for better view you should be ready with minimum unique words. 

  • Paste these words in the provided box and click on 'Go'
  • It will generate a word cloud with default font/colors setting - if you wish you can change these with their editor - its easy to do it. 

  • After you satisfy - its as easy to download as .png or print the file. 

So explore this amazing website and leave us a comment here how you liked it. For more such interesting websites check out our other posts

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