Wednesday, April 19, 2017

India Maps - Nakshe

Posted by Sharath
In April, 2017, Survey of India is celebrating two hundred and fifty years of glorious history (1767-2017) of its achievments. Government of India has come up with two major policies in Geospatial domain

National Map Policy 2005
National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP - 2012)

As a result of National Map Policy, Survey of India began publishing new map series named Open Series Map (OSM) on 1:50K scale in it's first step primarily for supporting development activities in the country.

Presently Government of India has decided to provide pdf of Open Series Maps on 1:50K scale with the support of NDSAP-2012 in which Aadhar has been identified as user authentication tool through nakshe portal.

You can register with your AADHAR Number. Using Aadhaar number, a person can download three maps every day from the portal  launched. The motto behind making Aadhaar mandatory for using this service was to make it available "Only to Indians". 

It has a wide archive of maps. The SGI has a rich collection of over 5,000 maps. While it made 3,000 maps open to public for download, 1700 will be available for downloading soon. The remaining maps are awaiting clearance.

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